Saturday, May 14, 2011

Once Putty Haven, Now Putty Prison

Putty Haven has a new name: Putty Prison. Because of several of the putties making unauthorized furlows, Putty prison is in lockdown. Recently Putty Prison’s security has been lax, but with some of the inmates escaping from the exercise yard, after hours, we have had to take drastic measures. One putty has been gone for three weeks, so we think he’s on the lam. Security forces are on his trail, so it is only a matter of time before he returns home. This missing inmate is very important to the to putty morale. He is the sire of several of the inmates. He is greatly missed. During the putties’ recent kittenhood, he was a paws-on dad.

We have a new warden in town, and he has promised to crack down on putty miscreance with severe discipline. Inky is a trustie who is trying to track down Little Boy the escapee. As I write this, two more escape have occurred; Frakki and Dr. Livingston have flown the coop.

Stephen Abbott, the new warden has said, “These escapes will not be tolerated.”

Breaking news: Dr. Livingston just came in again, to be followed a few minutes later by Frakki. Dr. Livingston was convicted in 2010 of practicing medicine without a license. Ma Bailee, who started this whole thing, practices crossed paws as a means of communication; sign language.

Because of these new draconian laws, the putties have sworn revenge, and the warden and assistant warden fear reprisals. In a recent interview with the press, Warden Abbott was heard to say, “these measures are necessary in order to protect the inmates from false bounty hunters and other collectors of putties.

Like other Republicans, he says, “I feel bad about having to take such extreme measures, but order must be maintained.”

Civil rights groups have activated in defense of the putty inmates.

Warden Abbott says, “Leave it to these bleeding heart liberals to impede progress in the enforcement of law.”

There will be more reports on progress made in the apprehending of these putty miscreants as tey happen. Stay tuned to this cat station and this ccat channel

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