Thursday, October 22, 2009

This 'n' That


I’m happy to be back on Blogger It was like the wild wild west when I was here before: they really wrought a lot of changes, many improvements. I just upgraded my membership. It’s free so why not? Stephen strongly encouraged me to get back on this network. When we found out that it was free to augment our memberships, we went for it. It’s free and like Scotsmen, we keep the Sabbath, and anything else that’s free, as the late great Irish comedian David Allen used to say. This is a joint effort blog. Stephen and I are writing it together. We have great plans for this site, and about 30 more groups to create here. This site needs a live chat like has and. Also we need to get the word out about this network to the other segments of the online Pagan community.

Pagan Radio Network is an excellent resource. It has podcasts and constant music. We Pagans love our music, and PRN gives us that music 24/7. The URL is We’ll be posting a forum on PRN today, letting people know how important pagan radio network is to the entire Pagan community. We’re both members. We encourage people to patronize the four core networks:,,, and ceridwenscauldron.ning,com, which is alternatively called Avalon. Stephen first found PRN through about 3 or so years ago.

Last night we wrote a scathing blog about IMVU’s shortcomings and user-hostility. I haven’t spilled that much vitriol onto the computer screen in years. The last time I read something even close was in the Spanish play “The Sheepwell,” in which the lead female character launches into the males of her village and describes them in terms most people can only use with much profanity in them, and all this in 17th century Spanish. We described and descried IMVU’s draconian methods and Gestapo tacrics. I described being on it as being the worst experience in my online experience, and the second worst experience of my entire life. The worst was when my SO Doc died in front of me, and my First Aid experience was useless to help him, and even the paramedics were unable to bring him back. We described their antiquated method of uploading a picture to your groups. We described how they spy on people. After I retired to bed, Stephen published it to not only IMVU, but also Blogger, the Google blog engine, and now it’s all over the world. I wonder how much revenue we’ll cost them. I hope a lot, at least 25 million, which was their profit this year. IMVU hates Pagans and sex. They are puritanical Christian Republicans who have no business running a network like IMVU. I did a devil’s advocate for a few minutes saying that they felt they had to protect the children. . .But that isn’t IMVU’s job, it’s their parents’ job to control and police their children, and keep control of their credit cards so that the little nippers don’t go where they don’t belong.

I’m on KEEN now, so call me. I changed the spelling of my name slightly so that the non-Welsh speakers could pronounce it. It’s spelled Teiweth ShadowDancer. My number is 8342. My extension is: #03877627 I’m sure 8342 means something qabalistically. Godwin’s says that 83 means Mahazael: Daemon prince of Earth or Lekabel which is the angel of the 1st quinance of Capricorn, Pag, unripe fig, and Gaph which means back, top, body or person. 42 means Ama, title of Binah, which is ruled by Saturn, the great Manifester.. I say he is the great manifester because when you desire to manifest something in your life, in order for it to manifest on the Earth plane it must be limited as to form. I learned this during my 2nd Saturn return. 42 means many other things too, but Stephen thought it was the most magickal. The site is, so go there and look me up. Stephen’s British friend Peter is threatening to call me, but he hasn’t called me yet. He has to wait about 9 hours until tomorrow morning. I refuse to be a slave to the telephone as Stephen is, so I’m offline from 10 p.m. until 8 a.m. I need my beauty sleep. I don’t know whether it does me any good cosmetically, but it does my moods a world of good, as well as my physical body.

Boycott Altoids, or contact them and complain loudly to them about their discontinuing their chocolate flavor. It was the only flavor I could stand, and as an avowed chocoholic, Stephen is bereft. He managed to find four packages of them, but after they’re gone that’s it.

Stephen got me new speakers for my computer today, so he owes me that much less on his debt. It’s much better sound now, I have to admit. We talked, as we walked along. This morning we recorded our dreams in our dream journals. I talked about how I tell novice Witches/Magi to keep three books: magickal diary, Book of Shadows/Grimoire, and dream journal. The magickal diary is like a lab notebook: you record the results and circumstances of your spells/rituals. The spells/rituals themselves are recorded in the BOS/grimoire, and the dream journal is for recording dreams and visions. The magickal diary can be procured relatively inexpensively. I use those marbled covered composition books you can find around the time that school is starting. Your BOS/grimoire can take many shapes. You can use those hard-covered blank books you can get in book stores, Renaissance fairs, and other merchants. You can’t haggle for magickal objects, but I see nothing wrong with bargain hunting, getting the best price you can. For a dream journal, you can go plain or fancy. I went plain and simple. I happened to have a lot of loose-leaf three ring binders around and a lot of notebook paper, so I picked a binder, and put a package of college ruled notebook filler paper in it. Again, this is usually on sale during August. Get your choice of wide ruled or college ruled. That is what Stephen and I use. I put his together for him. I had mine going for some time. Again you can go fancy with one of those hard back journals you can purchase at bookstores, office supply stores, gift shops, or Renaissance fairs. You can also get them from subscription book clubs. Go ye out and see what ye can find. I keep having a dream about making a gown with a bodice covered with deep red silk rose petals. I wonder what it means. Stephen’s dream was about being occasionally on the David Letterman show. It’s a good idea to keep your magickal diary and BOS close at hand during the ritual to record any inspirations you might have. The magickal diary is a good mnemonic device for remembering psychic experiences and other weird occurrences.

We’re both signed up for AdSense, which will pay us as we disseminate blogs throughout cyberspace. Blogger is a site that gets it right. Other sites that get it right are:, Pagan Radio Network, Covenspace, Witchvox, Wiccan Singles,,, and our four core networks mentioned above.

The puttiettes love Stephen’s watch chain. They definitely take after their parents in loving to chase the deadly watch chain. They also love to play with Stephens two old headsets. Those things have a fault in them. He keeps getting a short. We call them the dreadful headsets. There are also the baneful beads.

Our Itinerary is Facebook, Yahoo, Multiply,, Myspace, and back to the core four. We want more sites where Pagans are respected, well treated, and we can do our blogs and groups. Stephen is planning on joining SecondLife after November 1st. Stephen, in disgust, moved to Utherverse which has 3 of his favorite things: business opportunities, gratuitous sex, and Pagans. It’s Vancouver, BC Canada based, and in fact has patterned its world after Vancouver’s red light district. Stephen also has Virtual Girl, where over 400 strippers ply their trade on your computer screen. Stephen says, “All you flaming sexy Pagans who love sensual stripping by lissome Eastern Block women: Virtual Girl is for you. These formerly Red Strippers will dance across your desktop in an endless parade of pulchritude. This wonderful sensual artform will titillate you for hours galore and your posts will have a decidedly sexual flavor to them. As well as wallpaper, there is also the screen saver with many different backgrounds: strip clubs, scifi/fantasy backgrounds, red-light districts.” Stephen is still looking for more sexy Pagan places to put on his desktop. If you know of any, email him at is another site that gets it. .

There is a live chat on, but it could be better developed. Stephen found it almost by accident.

We plead with you to call Stephen either on 916-455-2267 (land line) or 916-612-2504 (cell) and order either a reading or a class for $32, and both for $60. He hasn’t paid his October bills yet. His entire SSI check went to pay utilities. You can have him read for you on Skype, Windows Live Msgr, and Yahoo IM as long as it’s here. Walt and Julie: go to, or . and We are promoting them.

Stephen is supposed to be writing a book about Tarot, and so to that end, we have created a group called “Tarot for Pagans” on Facebook. Go there, join it, and post. Stephen calls this “writing a book by committee.” Everyone who contributes a post or a question will be mentioned in the acknowledgements. We need more co-owners. If you do the work of a co-owner, you’ll get free readings and/or classes for a year and a day. Create groups on our 7 networks (soon to be 8). The new network coming up is going to be

Rhapsody is wonderful, a great investment. You can get oodles of music for just $13 or $15 a month. I kept two deductions on my account: Netflix and Rhapsody. I want my music and my movies. Say, does anyone know whether Peter Jackson is into the Tarot? Stephen would love to see him do his own Lord of the Rings Tarot deck. Stephen says that Picasso 2 is great for photos. Photobucket is good too. There is a connection between and Pagan Radio Network. We want more Pagan magickal links for the links sections.

So hearken onto our words, everyone