Monday, December 20, 2010

Daughter of Combined Blog

This is another combined blog. There has been much work done on since last we wrote. The home page now has music, games, TV streaming, Paypal donations, and Youtube. Stephen had been very bad after I went to bed a few nights ago. In order to get all these things on your computers, you have to open an account for each of them. It’s very easy. They talk you through the entire process, and it’s free. Next month you can probably start downloading music for your own pages. By the way, the music on the home page has live chat. It’s so much better than dead chat, don’t you think?

Stephen’s been getting sadistic pleasure out of deleting spammers. He calls it “killing them,” but unfortunately they’re still alive to carry on their nefarious business. Out of 138 members, 100 were spammers, and what they were spamming us about was Canadian Viagra, from a Canadian pharmacy. We figure they’re Canadian Mafia. If you spam us, you will die, as far as this or any other network we own is concerned. Plus we will be so pissed off at you that we will boycott your product. If you want to push your product, for Goddess’ sake, do it the honest way and buy advertising space. Then you takes your chances that anyone will buy your product, but at least you won’t get shot down for spamming us. The Canadian Mafia put on their mukluks before they attack. They don’t go to the mattresses; they go to the mukluks. Stephen didn't cream his jeans; he wasn't wearing them. He was wearing his khakis.

Stephen is ecstatic that Horslips still is a going concern in almost-2011. He downloaded a bunch of Horslips music to the network. It’s all free, but we do of course accept and encourage free will donations. Just set up your free accounts. It’s strictly voluntary, but very exciting. Stephen worked for that band a long time ago, and still has a soft spot in his heart for them.

The putties, as usual, have been spreading their own brand of humor and chaos round here. We have two extras who have come in for the winter. We have paganed them Veep (VP visiting putty) and Veem (Visiting Putty’s Mommy). We don’t know whether Veep is male or female, as s/he is still too shy to let me pick hir up and ascertain hir gender. They seem to be house trained in that neither has left deposits where they shouldn’t. Veem is one of Little Boy’s daughters, and Veep is his grandchild. Frakki is the straw master. She will wait and wait until something distracts me, like writing, then steals the straw out of my drink.

We encourage you to go to our website Also, call our toll free number for a reading, a class, or research. 1-888-611-7982 is the number. See if there is anything that should be on the site that isn’t there. If there is, contact us. We want to express our thanks to SilverRaven for telling us how to delete the spammers, and steering us to the menu of things to download for the home page of the network. There are about 40,000 games on our network now, some of which are fantasy role playing, and Pagan. We encourage you to invite people, but be careful whom you invite, that they aren’t spammers that Stephen will just have to kill off. We hope that this information has been helpful.