Sunday, March 14, 2010

Review of the Serpent and the Stag

I just finished reading Julie Ann Maahs’ novel “The Serpent and the Stag.” You should read it. You really should. I think it has something for each of us. In a way, it kind of reminds me of the movie “The Wizard of Oz”, where the scenes on the Kansas farm are in stark black and white, while the scenes in Oz are in full Technicolor. Sarah Marie starts out in the drab black and white world of fundamentalist Christianity, where they themselves are the only white pure ones, while anyone who disagree with them are creatures of darkness, and evil. She is plunged into a weird wide colorful world, when she goes looking for her father, and ends up at his commune, an idyllic, colorful place, which Sarah nonetheless sees as Satan’s playground. Were this book to be made into a movie, and I the art and lighting director, I would have all the scenes before Sarah runs away shot on black and white stock. Then when she meets Sam, it’s in color, but in very dark hues, all of it shot either at night, or in day-for-night. When she finally gets to the commune, everything would be in brilliant sun-washed color. Maybe I’d have the colors a little muted to symbolize Sarah’s point of view that all these people are devil-worshippers, and so, lost to her god.

It is a murder mystery, but Sarah is not a prime character in the mystery, a potential victim perhaps. Some Christians may object that the villain spouts all this righteous-sounding language, but speaking as a Pagan, I like it. I’m sure we’ve all heard far too many villains spout holy sounding language.

If I were a movie producer looking for a story to shoot, I would pick this one. It teaches all of us that we have something to learn about others, and that different does not mean bad.

You can find it at:
Go read it. It’s a trip and a half.

Friday, March 12, 2010

This May Be the End

Well, here I am again, and if things don’t significantly improve soon, it may be my last time. I quit KEEN because I wasn’t making any money at it. I had to use the only $20 I did earn to bid to get a decent place in the queue so that I’d get calls. Nearly all the calls I got were from people wanting free readings. Bidding is a racket. The readers are so exploited, but because they’re independent contractors and desperate for work, the companies get away with it. I would not encourage anyone I liked to become a reader for any of the psychic reader outfits. From what I’ve heard, they’re all rackets, in various ways.

Tomorrow (it may be today by the time I get done with this blog) our landladies come to see what needs to be fixed in the house. Stephen has turned into a regular slave driver because he thinks we’ll be evicted if the house isn’t spic and span by tomorrow. My job is impossible. I have to get rid of the pet stains that have accumulated, and nothing we have in the house is effective at getting rid of the stains. Also I am $200 behind in my rent. I had just barely enough money to pay my bills, and that way only by stiffing the landlady $100. We’re having no luck in our hunt for a housemate. The men are pigs, and the women are afraid to move here because it’s an ethnically mixed neighborhood. We both want a woman. I want a woman because women don’t leave the toilet seat up, and most men do. But we can’t say that in the ad.

If I get evicted, and am homeless, I will either kill myself or arrange things so that I am murdered. Right now life in the Summerland is looking pretty damned good to me. Stephen owes $900 because his SSI check got eaten this month because in February he got $900 overdrawn because Bunko de America lied to him and told him he had $900 in his account and he wrote $900 in checks to the landlady. The Bunko de America charged him $900 in overdraft fees. He thinks he’s $3000 in the hole. He thinks I’m being a bit heavy now, but I’m just telling it like it is. Stephen went through it before, and now it’s my turn. But I don’t think there’s any rescue for the princess this time.

If you cared and weren’t so self-absorbed, you could go to PayPal, to, and leave a donation. Then email me and tell me your donation, and I’ll either email you a copy of one of my books, or a reading, depending upon whether it’s $5 or $32. And forget about making excuses in your comments. They don’t help at all. Neither do statements about how tough you have it. My compassion is in the negative range.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Last KEEN Blog

This is it. I quit. I hope the woman who gave me such a lousy review on my Tarot reading is happy. Being with Keen has been the third worst experience of my life. It follows right after losing Doc, and being on IMVU. The bidding was what lost me. Bidding is a racket, and ought to be illegal. The whole idea behind my joining KEEN was to earn money, not spend it. I had to use what little money I actually earned on KEEN bidding so I would get calls. Some calls I got, too. All they wanted was free readings. The idea behind the free five minutes was an incentive to go for longer readings, not be the entire reading. I guess that’s what I get for taking financial advice from Stephen. He’s a black hole, moneywise.

I was going to do a more positive version of my previous blog, and tell how five minutes isn’t long enough to do a quality reading. Not only does it short change your reader, but it does also short change you, the client. So stop trying to get something for nothing, and concentrate instead on getting value for value given. If you can’t afford to pay for a reading, you probably shouldn’t be calling KEEN, or any other phone psychic service.

A lot of you call because you’re in love with a person who just isn’t that into you. Why are you wasting all your time and energy on this person when there are others around who would like to get to know you but you are so into this spoiled person you don’t even see the person? Maybe he doesn’t look like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise, but he’ll probably be a steadier man, and won’t play the mind games on you the guy you keep calling us about does. He (it’s usually a man because most of the callers are women) plays those games on you because he enjoys the sense of power it gives him, and because he can. You let him lead you around by the nose. Kick him to the curb, and find someone who is into you. You’ll know he is into you because he won’t play mind games on you to bolster his male ego. All you have to do is be true, and not play any mind games on him. Communicate honestly with him. Then you won’t have to call phone psychics to find out what he’s thinking; he’ll tell you.