Friday, March 12, 2010

This May Be the End

Well, here I am again, and if things don’t significantly improve soon, it may be my last time. I quit KEEN because I wasn’t making any money at it. I had to use the only $20 I did earn to bid to get a decent place in the queue so that I’d get calls. Nearly all the calls I got were from people wanting free readings. Bidding is a racket. The readers are so exploited, but because they’re independent contractors and desperate for work, the companies get away with it. I would not encourage anyone I liked to become a reader for any of the psychic reader outfits. From what I’ve heard, they’re all rackets, in various ways.

Tomorrow (it may be today by the time I get done with this blog) our landladies come to see what needs to be fixed in the house. Stephen has turned into a regular slave driver because he thinks we’ll be evicted if the house isn’t spic and span by tomorrow. My job is impossible. I have to get rid of the pet stains that have accumulated, and nothing we have in the house is effective at getting rid of the stains. Also I am $200 behind in my rent. I had just barely enough money to pay my bills, and that way only by stiffing the landlady $100. We’re having no luck in our hunt for a housemate. The men are pigs, and the women are afraid to move here because it’s an ethnically mixed neighborhood. We both want a woman. I want a woman because women don’t leave the toilet seat up, and most men do. But we can’t say that in the ad.

If I get evicted, and am homeless, I will either kill myself or arrange things so that I am murdered. Right now life in the Summerland is looking pretty damned good to me. Stephen owes $900 because his SSI check got eaten this month because in February he got $900 overdrawn because Bunko de America lied to him and told him he had $900 in his account and he wrote $900 in checks to the landlady. The Bunko de America charged him $900 in overdraft fees. He thinks he’s $3000 in the hole. He thinks I’m being a bit heavy now, but I’m just telling it like it is. Stephen went through it before, and now it’s my turn. But I don’t think there’s any rescue for the princess this time.

If you cared and weren’t so self-absorbed, you could go to PayPal, to, and leave a donation. Then email me and tell me your donation, and I’ll either email you a copy of one of my books, or a reading, depending upon whether it’s $5 or $32. And forget about making excuses in your comments. They don’t help at all. Neither do statements about how tough you have it. My compassion is in the negative range.

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