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Passion Magick

We’re glad you could make it! Do check out the other Abbott’s Inn Fine Art of Passion Magick groups on other networks. If you are not at least 18 years of age, change to another group right now. I’m eligible because I’m so far over 18 that my daughter is over 18! Llewellyn has many book titles on the subject of sacred sex and sex magick. Two of my favorites are: Modern Sex Magick by Donald Michael Kraig and Secrets of the German Sex Magicians by Frater U:.D:..

There are many sex positions in tantra. The book Sexual Secrets by Penny Slinger and Nik Douglas is a more accessible version of the Kama Sutra, that ancient Hindu pillow book. A pillow book is a book of instructions in the arts of love, so called because it is often stored under a bed pillow. I have a copy of a translation of the Kama Sutra. It’s a translation because I can’t read Sanskrit any better than you can. My only complaint about it is that it doesn’t have any illustrations.

There are many secret societies in which sexuality play a major role. It was rumored that homosexual sex practices played a major role in the Templars. The Fraterni Saturni also practiced sex magick, as do the I.O.T. The OTO is well known for sex magick, but as a former member, I can tell you that there is precious little sex magick going on. If there is any, the members are doing it on their own, without any official sanction. In fact, the present administration is trying to take all the magick out of it, and make it just like a straight Masonic lodge. I learned very little ritual magick while in its membership. I learned more in spite of them than I did under their tutelage. Much of the Tibetan sex magick practiced there was suppressed first by the Nazis and now by the Communist Chinese, but may still be practiced in exile in India and Nepal. If you know any more about the Tantric schools of India and Tibet, please post here. Or if you know of other magickal lodges or secret societies who practice and teach sex magick please let us know. Jonathan Mumford is a knowledgeable source of information about sex magick and tantra. The one though that I’d like to meet is Frater U:.D:.. I have several of his books on both straight magick and sex magick.

The very subject of sex magick has a bad reputation for 2 reasons. One obvious reason is of course the Christians, who have basically been against anything having to do with sex since about the 3rd century because of St. Anthony. The second reason is that unscrupulous persons have used sex magick in order to compel other people and stay in control over them, when sex magick between loving people is supposed to be a liberating experience, not an enslaving one. If anyone tries to control you using sex magick or any other means, run the other way as fast as you can. Find a Wiccan priestess and have the person blacklisted is what Stephen has to say on the subject. Always use sex magick for positive ends. .Use sex magick for sexual enhancement. Use it to charge sigils for positive ends such as prosperity or healing. One other book, the New Joy of Sex by Alex Comfort, MD has many positions for you to check out and use. I believe it is still in print. You can also find positions in Denning & Philips’ book on sex magick: The Llewellyn Practical Guide to the Magick of Sex: The Book of Creative Loving. Of course, Sexual Secrets is the classic in the field.

Right now our neighbors are setting off fireworks to celebrate the New Year. This isn’t relevant to our discussion of sex magick except that when you have really great sex, and if you have orgasms, it can be as though fireworks were being set off. Neither Stephen nor I like the kinds of fireworks that make lots of noise. I told him that the Chinese light up firecrackers in order to scare away evil spirits. All right, back to sex or passion magick.

Stephen mentioned the use of creative visualization during sex magick. This requires a lot of skill because you have to only superficially pay attention to the sex, but most of your attention needs to be on what you are visualizing. Also you and your partner both need to be thinking of the same visual image. I had a fantasy once of being made love to by a Roman gladiator, and the result was my ebook Roman Rhapsody, which came out in early 2008. In creative visualization, the woman will invoke her favorite aspect of the Goddess, and the man will invoke his favorite aspect of the God, preferably the Goddess’s correct Consort, such as Ishtar’s Consort Tammuz, and so on. Pay attention to your breathing while you’re aspecting. Visualize lofty vistas where your “characters” reside.

Soothing music can also be helpful in setting the mood. If doing tantra, Tibetan drumming or Indian sitar and tabla playing can put you into the right mood. .
If you know anyone who wants a fairly cheap housing situation with two congenial Pagan magickal housemates in an ethnically mixed neighborhood in Sacramento, contact me at or Stephen at or Stephen at his phone number 916-455-2267. Also, we desperately need donations to keep Abbott’s Inn International School of Magick afloat. You can send donations of any size to either Stephen’s Paypal account at or or my Paypal account at If it’s for at least $32, you’ll get either a reading or a class from our vast collections of divination decks/methods/tools or for the class, pick a topic from our vast repertoire in the field of magick. For $60, you can actually have both a reading and a class. I don’t have my webcam hooked up yet, or my mic, but with Stephen you can have sound and video on Yahoo IM, Windows Msgr or Skype. With me for a short while, it’ll be just phone or typing on Yahoo IM or Windows Msgr. Thank you for using and disseminating Stephen’s Zodiac referral number 1-800-280-8496. Stephen1580. It helps ever so much when you use it instead of the regular number because you don’t pay any more, but he makes three times as much. We’re both on SSI, thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger drastically cut both of our checks, and Keen isn’t coming up with the paying calls. I haven’t made one cent since signing on with Keen. My clients all demand free five minute readings, and refuse to go over that five minutes for a paid reading. In fact, it’s cost me money to bid so altogether, Keen has been pretty much of a total loss for me. If you need money, kids, mow lawns or babysit, don’t join a psychic reading service, because it’ll just suck in what little money you do have.

Do check out the It’s free, although they certainly do accept donations. Doesn’t everyone? Seems like everyone has his hat out nowadays, and we’re sorry to be part of that, but the situation is dirt. We almost lost our power yesterday. In these times of smaller SSI checks, a bankrupt state, and practically non-existent paying KEEN calls, the prices just seem to be rising all the time for less and less service or quality.

In order to keep his computer alive, or perhaps get a new computer, Stephen needs a new battery and Windows 7, because Vista is just too unreliable. Vista is the worst operating system since 98. But first Stephen has to pay off his rent, and so do I. Don’t buy a Dell or do business with Wells Fargo. They’re both ripoffs.

If you’re ever in Sacramento, look up Walter Rhoads and Julie Maahs. Together they own Gallery 14 at 14th St. and 60th Avenue. We’re promoting them big time. Walter Rhoads has a very interesting and different approach to art. He compares himself to the late great Jackson Pollock but there are two main differences: Rhoads is still drawing breath with a healthy 98.6 degrees temperature (except when he’s sick, in which case it’s somewhat higher) and I think Jackson Pollock was gay, and Rhoads is, like us, hopelessly hetero.

We certainly hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Sorry about my negativity up there, but I’ve been very depressed by this economy lately, and wishing I were with Doc in the Summerland.
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